Digital Business Card

Sales professionals are constantly networking, looking for opportunities to meet new business owners. 

During the initial introduction, they typically hand out their business card. However, they aren’t always prepared…

Sometimes the only business card they have on them is outdated or tattered, or it’s their last one and they don’t want to hand it out. Let’s say they’re on vacation, and start up a good conversation with someone—they weren’t planning to do business, but you know, people ask, “Hey, do you have a business card?”

There had to be a better way that wasn’t a traditional paper card. Since people always have their phone on them, we came up with a digital business card. It’s a cost-effective green solution that is easily shareable.

Imagine your picture, company logo, contact information and instant access to your website and your social media pages in one place. The DigiBizCard displays it all with a call to action button! Share it with one click, via text message, email or even a QR code, great when you are at a trade show—just display an image of the code in the booth.

We researched why people hand out business cards and what the average person expects from a business card. In the process, we learned the tipping points to somebody retaining your information for future business opportunities:

Sales professionals want to be remembered. Saying, “Hey, let me send you my digital business card,” gets them thinking, “What’s a digital business card?” It interrupts the conversation starter and differentiates you.

Aside from your contact info, prospects want to know the type of work you do. So give them some highlights of the key services or products you provide.

Prospects also want to know what knowledge you have in order to deliver those services. Things like your certifications and how long you’ve been doing what you do. Show them you are qualified to solve their problem.

At PUBtricity, we really focus on simplicity to reduce a client’s fear of technology. We’ll do an initial draft of your card, then you can go in anytime to modify or update it. The DigiBizCard is a straightforward way prospects can remember who you are, what you do and why you do it better than anybody else.

In 2020, If you don’t have a Digital Business Card

(aka DigiBizCard) YOU’RE MISSING OUT

Everyone needs a Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card Example
Floor Coverings International chooses Digital Business Cards for their sales team

It’s a Business Card & Portfolio – all in one

Imagine having your picture or company logo and all your social media, website and contact information all in one place. The Digital Business Card consolidates all the information you need to share in one place.

customize your digibizcard
Easily add and update your info at any time
We offer many contact options


  • You’ll Never Forget Your Business Card
  • Save on Printing Costs
  • People can “SAVE” your contact info with 1 click from their phone
  • Easily Shareable via QR Code, Text Message or eMail
  • Clickable Social Media Links
  • See it in action

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